Khomeini’s Reign Is Mainly Based On Pain

listen up son don’t get too relaxed

to think too hard, don’t let me distract

you see, you’re only half way ’round the track

but you take one step forward and two bigger steps back

three of the four shiny buttons you choose

will give you a shock , but you’ve nothing to lose

we’re all so aware of how easy you bruise

but you wouldn’t fall over if you’d tie yer shoes

locked yourself up in an unmarked crate

in the dark so long that your pupils don’t dialate

if she came down you wouldn’t hesitate

but you’ve only got love potions one through eight

you lah lah lah while you’re pluggin your ears

so I clear my throat and choke back the tears

and blah blah blah cuz I know you can hear me

you wouldn’t get out of the way

so the stampede left you mangled

seems in the circle of life

you’d be a right angle

the analytic aproach is wearing you thin

you’d think your hands were made to cradle your chin

if fear was a sport then my god you would win

but if it was a crime you’d have to turn yourself in


Yer ded

aural abrasion

visual invasion

= porn

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god save the geeks

geeks on the edge of tehran laughing

for whence they compared, the palors of squalor

immams with serpent tongues

pastors with salesman smiles

all are jesters at the court of the grand fool

god save the geeks

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Good submissions.  This one is tough, but by a very slim margin, imnotme takes it for “Smash the dog-less house.”  


Have a great weekend, 

-the DPS Committee

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And Max wins!

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Hello?  Is anyone there?

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imnotme wins. 


His poem was better.

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